Kilin is a mythological creature comes from Chinese culture and it has become part of Indonesian culture. In its country of origin, the Kilin is very popular , after the dragon and the phoenix. Its form is a four-legged creature, like a lion, but with the eyes and mouth like a dragon, and sometimes with the horns of a dragon and with the scales of a fish.

The Kilin has spread throughout most of Asia in various form. In Vietnam it is called ky lan, while in Thailand it is called ki len. The Kilin is usually placed in pairs in front of doors, as a symbol of good luck, wisdom and prosperity.

Other images of the Kilin :

Kilin Mangap L-900051001

Kilin Mangap P-900050201

Kilin Gimbal P-900050401

Kilin Gimbal L-900050301

Other mythological creature

Tiger & Dragon

Dragon turtle


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