About Java Porcelain

The Dancers, made from porcelain coated with 18-carat platinum

Java Porcelain is a high quality porcelain manufacturer in Indonesia. We provide you various of unique and distinctive designed porcelain crafts. The excellence of our product are in its unique design, aesthetic, and ergonomic convenience. Each of Java Porcelain product was specifically designed by Japanese white porcelain experts. Craftsmen then made our product with their skilled hands under the high quality control of international standards of the Hazardous Substance Free product regulation. Thus made our porcelain products passed the United States tight qualification standard (California Proposition 65).

We only used the finest quality of formulated porcelain clay with the non toxic plumbum (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) ceramic glaze; burnt at the temperature of 1350 degree Celsius. The Java Porcelain product is also environmentally friendly represented by its natural shape and glaze color.