Porcelain coated with 18-carat platinum

Java Porcelain only produce premium quality porcelain crafts which are perfect in every details, especially in the making of porcelain figurines. Of course, they didn’t suddenly and miraculously emerge as perfectly detailed pieces. They must first undergo a careful production process, with every stage involving special expertise, state of the art technology and strict quality control to ensure the works meet the desired artistic standard.

At the beginning, a model is cut into several pieces. Working molds are made of the pieces and then reassembled into a gypsum doll. The result must conform to the exact specifications of the original model. Pieces of the gypsum figurine are used to make molds which are filled with specially produced porcelain formulated clay. The molds can be used to produce from 30 to 35 figurines. The solidification process takes about 90 minutes, depending on the size of the molds.

The figurines from the production molds are then assembled: they are first polished, smoothed, and washed before undergoing further strict inspection. Figurines that meet standards are fired in a gas oven for 15 hours at 1,350 degrees Celsius. After being allowed to cool, the figurines are inspected to ensure the first firing didn’t cause any flaws, such as deformation on shape, shrinkage or other damage.  Special supports protect the figurines in the oven to ensure they retain their shape. It requires almost mathematical precision to place the supports, especially because there is no guarantee that they will continue to yield the same results during the extended firing process.

The figurines that pass selection are glazed according to the specifications of the original model, and re-fired in the gas oven for 13 hours at 1,250 degrees Celsius. It’s here that experience and carefully retracing established procedures have been an invaluable help in the work process. Inevitably, a marked change in the color of the glaze following this firing led to experimentation with several different colors.

Figurines that do not meet the designer’s approval following the hardening of the glazed are destroyed, and the production process begins once again with the setting of molds.

The final stage in the extensive process is the application of pigment for the eyes, eyebrows, lips and decorate the face. The pigment is affixed permanently to the figurines in an electrically heated oven at a temperature of 800 degrees Celsius for 3 hours. After being allowed to cool for 4 hours, the figurines are re-inspected and cleaned before accessories are placed on them. They are then ready to be packaged to be delivered safely and in perfect condition to valued customer.

Java Porcelain realizes that achieving optimum results carriers a high price of hard work, dedication and attention to detail.

made from white porcelain

Made from porcelain

Made from porcelain coated with 18-carat platinum

High quality glazed ceramic

high quality glazed ceramic


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